Saturday, March 27, 2010

Creative Soul Retreat 2010

What a treat to be part of CSR 2010... trade night was a buzz, with many familiar faces and friends that I was dying to have conversation with.... first glimpses of our tutors and the wares...much to take in, but delightfully so and eagerness to met new creative souls.

My 1st day of creating was with Laurie Mika and her diligent studio helper and sister Leslie. Fantastic workshop with a medium that has soooooo many possibilities. Pictured here is my effervescent roomie Maryse, darling Shirly and the most delightful Dawn. Ladies that I shared much time with and the best conversations ever.

Our class members were all full of happy beans with so many amazing Urban Icons created. And Laurie is such a sharing and talented artist.

Laurie found time to whip these up for her classes.I delighted in wearing mine all weekend and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. If I go anywhere that I need a name tag this will surely be pinned to my cardi!

Day 2 rolled around quickly... and the Expressive faces workshop with Jan Harris was great! I felt reconnected to my drawing knowledge from Art School where my brain remembered and my body sensed how to let go and enjoy the freedom of letting the pencil do its own thing. Jan did a top notch job teaching from Judy Wises notes and her own experience. Such a humble and wise soul...thank you Jan.

Here is my class buddy Mandy. We laughed alot and enjoyed each others company. Special , special...

Day 3.I'm back in Jan's room to Journey into the Secret Garden. Journaling is a huge passion and it felt like I was home with all my collage and painting goodies. Whilst it could have been easy to slip into my usual style of pages I tried some new techniques, compositions and writing styles. It was all good good good!

Here is the class in action....I love it when our materials spread. Just like our creative wings.My workshop buddy Martina shared her knowledge about stamping, as did my roomie Maryse.
I am such a stamping virgin!

A funny faces shot... I pulled my funny face too late for the photo! Gotta love those girls!

There where so many friends I reconnected with and it felt great. Amazing quality (could have done with some more quantity) conversations with Jen Crossley and Dawn, Ro, Denise, Ruth and Diana.

Was delighted to meet ..Annette Husband and Judy W thanks to Debbie for being part of our trival pursuit team, what a scream that was!Eva do you know how to spell China! And so many more ladies I enjoyed conversation with.

Venue was great and was the food.I eve had my bed made and my pj's put under my pillow. That hasn't happened for years! Best gluten free menu I've ever, ever tasted!

And to finish off this post, some pics from outside.

And Bevlea, huge, huge thanks to you and your gal pals, Eva and Lucy. A mighty task organizing this event. With much appreciation.

My adventures continued after I left the retreat, shall share those with you next post....


Jacky said...

Hi Nic, what wonderful photos. They really show how much fun everyone has at the retreats. Beautiful journal pages and the tiles with Laurie...great to learn new techniques and add your own lovely style.
What a wonderful venue for the retreat too. Your photos are fantastic.
Thanks for sharing your pics.

Jacky xox

Ro Bruhn said...

It was great to catch up again Nic even if only briefly. The work you created looks fantastic.

Jen Crossley said...

OH Nic how lovely it was to spend sometime with you I think we will be friends for along time.You awesome door prize goodies I won and The goodies I also bought from you I just love and look at them everyday.
Your work is amazing as are you,you are a great talent
Luv Jen

artymarty said...

Hi Nic
It was lovely to share the journaling class with you and to get to know you better. Did you finish the warrior page in the journal? Would love to see it

Rustic Tarts said...

Hi Nic
I have been searching blogs looking for photos from CSR, so was very pleased to see some here.
You all look like you had a wonderful time and produced some great pieces.

Eva said...

Let me see Nic ... C-H-I-N-A?! (lol) I'm better at spelling idiot ... it's my middle name - at times!!! I'm still rolling my eyes - at ME! Was a good laugh though!

The only disappointing thing about being part of the CSR Team is - not having quality time with those you want to spend quality time with .. and you were one of those I wish I had more 'chat time'. Well ... there's always 'next time'!

Keep smiling Nic! (N-I-C!)

Eva :-)

Judy Wise said...

Oh Nic, I would have loved to meet you! Jan visited me yesterday and spoke so highly of meeting you and seeing the wonderful work you produced in the class. Maybe next time ... xo

Studio Sylvia said...

Hey Nic, it was lovely to meet you at the Retreat. Your work is beautiful - great to see it in reality other than in virtual space.

Lady Di said...

It was fantastic to spend some more time with you too Nic, I had the best time and it was all the more special connecting with fellow artist friends.

Lorri said...

Oh Nic what a wonderful time you had. So sorry I couldn't have been there, I would have loved to meet all you beautiful & talented ladies!
Loved seeing your journal pages. I think it's always fun to try new things - so are you buying new stamps now? teehee.
Take care for now